Windows Installer

Click on the exe file. Follow the instruction.



Unzip the zip archive in the root Quake3/ directory, with folders enabled.



Shutdown your server. Delete the old bmaxx.pk3. Copy the new bmaxx.pk3 to the server folder.
Be sure that you check out the Latest Updates.



After Installing

You should have a newly created directory named "bma" in your Quake 3 Arena folder with these files:

banlist.cfg - List with banned players, max size 222000 bytes
bmaxx.pk3 - The mod vm
BMAMOD_Website.url - Link to the mod website
client/autoexec.cfg - Contains client settings
disclaimer.txt - Disclaimer file
help/.. - Contains files for the README.html
license.txt - License file
maprotation.cfg - Maprotation for the server
modpicture.jpg - Picture of the bma team
motd.txt - Contains the message of the day, max size 900 bytes
README.html - Readme file
who.dat - Contains IP to name(s) mapping, max size 10000 bytes
default.cfg - Default server config

mode/1v1.cfg - 1v1 config for /ref mode
mode/ffa.cfg - FFA config for /ref mode
mode/tdm.cfg - TDM config for /ref mode
mode/baseq3.cfg - BASEQ3 config for /ref mode
mode/dm17.cfg - DM17 config for /ref mode
mode/excessive.cfg - Excessive config for /ref mode
mode/instagib.cfg - Instagib config for /ref mode
mode/bfg.cfg - BFG config for /ref mode
mode/shotgun.cfg - Shotgun config for /ref mode

default_server(windows).bat - Windows startup script for BMA dedicated internet server
default_server(linux).sh - Linux startup script for BMA dedicated internet server


If you still dont know how to install the mod, watch the video tutorials: