Masterserver - Serveradmins


For what we need a new masterserver?

sad IDSoftware switched off again their quake 3 masterserver.
Players cant see anymore servers in the quake 3 ingame browser.

sad As a solution, we, the BMA Team are running now our own masterserver.
Players can see again servers in the quake 3 ingame browser, that were added to our masterserver.

Im no serveradmin! What i have to do?

It only takes 2 minutes to change your player settings!
Click here to read the tutorial for clients / players

Which server settings must be changed?

1. Open the serverconfig where the new masterserver should be added.

2. Copy masterserver setting 'set sv_master2 ""' and add it to the serverconfig.

3. Restart the server!

4. The server will be listed at the ingame browser and at our web serverlist after some minutes.

5. Tell the players on your server to follow the client tutorial and other serveradmins to add our masterserver!

6. Feel free to donate for us, if you honor our work! Click on the Click here button to donate.