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04. September 2016

Added Flattr button
As of now you can donate with flattr service for us. Click on the flattr button in the left menu to donate for us!

26. Juny 2016

Updated webradio section
Listen Webradio

23. May 2016

Added back offhand hook tutorial which is translated into 20 languages.
Added to Website - Client Section:
Offhand Hook

14. May 2016

IDSoftware switched off again their quake 3 masterserver.
Players cant see anymore servers in the quake 3 ingame browser.
As a solution, we, the BMA Team are running now our own masterserver.
Players can see again servers in the quake 3 ingame browser, that were added to our masterserver.

13. May 2016

Players can generate and download playername configs with our new generator.
Added to Website - Generator Section:

29. August 2015

Today we published Build: Version 2.7.
Bugfixes & New Features:


No new cvars


Updated ip2country file


No new bugs fixed

20. September 2009

Today we published Build: Version 2.6.
Bugfixes & New Features:


No new cvars


Updated ip2country file
Changed country names from ISO 3116 to full country name


Fixed callvote password

Fixed playerinfo after intermission

Fixed automatic bot kick, when bot with spaces in name

Fixed map q3tourney3 for gametype TDM

Fixed bothook

20. September 2009
Download Statistic for Build: Version 2.5

Total Downloads: 421

16. September 2009
Added to Website - Client Section:
Bindable Keys
15. September 2009
Added to FAQ:
How can i add custom maps to the server ?
I cant start Quake 3 Arena. I got the Errorcode "Didnt found default.cfg".
I cant start Quake 3 Arena. I got the Errorcode "Couldnt write q3config.cfg".
How can i record a demo and how can i watch the demo ?
I want to switch my Windows Desktop but using ALT + Enter is too slow.
15. September 2009
Added to Screens:
14. August 2009
Added to Videos:
Rocket Turret by HuXX
13. August 2009
Added to Radio:
Death.F(ucking)M(etal) - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Goth, Gore & Grind
27. July 2009
Added to Videos:
Remote Cluster Grenade by HuXX
Quake Lessons by C3llux
22. July 2009
Added to Website:
At the moment there are 3 radiostreams: Darksoul7, and Wolflair Radio.
14. July 2009
Added to Videos:
Hook Styles by HuXX
18. Juny 2009
Added to Links:
BMA Mod @
13. May 2009
Improved the Maprotation Generator:
The created maprotation can be downloaded as maprotation.cfg.
08. May 2009
Added to FAQ:
I cant start the server. I got the Errorcode "Server didn't have CD".
I cant connect to a BMA mod server. I got the Errorcode "... could not load OpenGL subsystem".
The game crashed, and it left my screen too bright.
Quake 3 doesn't list my widescreen resolution, but i want to play in native resolution on my widescreen LCD.
How can i improve my connection / ping ?
07. May 2009
Added to Videos:
Get Hooked 3 by Besty
Quake 3 Arena Offhand Hook II by Snoop
30. April 2009
Added to Videos:
Q3 Hook by C!ao
Q3 Hook DM1 Training by C!ao
Sex Hook 2008 by Besty
Last Fight Quake Arena by Besty
28. April 2009
Improved the Server List:
Added connect with QTRACKER
23. April 2009
Added to Website:
Country Codes
02. April 2009
Improved the Chat.
Added Welcome Message
Added Online User Display
Added AFK Command
21. March 2009
Added to Download:
20. March 2009
Server performance and mysql database problems solved.
Forum and chat work again.
14. March 2009
Download counter fixed.
Our webspace provider has big problems with the server performance and mysql database.
Forum and chat won't work until the mysql database is fixed.

07. March 2009

Today we published Build: Version 2.5.
Bugfixes & New Features:


- added snoop_forcerespawn
- added snoop_forcerespawn_time


- updated ip2country file
- removed spelling mistakes in readme


No bugs fixed

07. March 2009
Download Statistic for Build: Version 2.4

Total Downloads: 342

21. February 2009
We are working on a CLIENT for BMA MOD.
The FORUM is open for suggestions.
Preview Screen of BMA Client
17. January 2009
Added to Download:
27. Dezember 2008
Added to website:
Maprotation Generator
16. September 2008
Added to Download:
27. August 2008
Added to Download:
Point Release 1.16n for Windows
Point Release 1.16n for Linux
Point Release 1.16n for Mac OS 9

21. July 2008

Today we published Build: Version 2.4.
Bugfixes & New Features:


- added snoop_doombfg
- added snoop_doombfg_damage
- added snoop_doombfg_radius
- added snoop_doombfg_delay
- added snoop_bfg_takedamage
- added snoop_bfg_base_health
- added g_spawnprotect 2
- added g_spawnprotect 3
- added g_podiumDrop
- added g_podiumDist


- updated ip2country file
- added ref mode bfg
- added ref mode shotgun
- zombie corpses, dead bodies are moving around


No bugs fixed

21. July 2008
Download Statistic for Beta Build: Version 2.3

Total Downloads: 418

20. July 2008
Removed newsletter from news site.
Added RSS Feed to news site. If you always wanna know the latest news, subscribe to the RSS Feed.
If you dont know what a RSS Feed is, check out the FAQ.
20. July 2008
Removed old website design.
Changed whole website to the mod documentation design. Also we have now a forum.
If you got problems, found a bug or have a feature request, register at the forum and write it down.
19. July 2008
Added to Download:

If you dont know how to bind a button, download this zip file.

Extract the zip into your BASEQ3 folder. Now you have the most important mod binds on your buttons.
You can open and edit the autoexec.cfg with your favourite text editor.
27. May 2008
Added to Download:

Collected over 20 Custom Client Paks from different clans, websites and players.

This paks give you new sounds, weaponmodels, new client commands, scoreboards etc.
26. May 2008
Added to Tutorials:

You can also read the tutorial in several languages under:

30. January 2008

Today we published Beta Build: Version 2.3.
Bugfixes & New Features:


- added g_highScores
- added g_highAcc
- added g_highAccShots


- updated ip2country file
- new layout in default.cfg and Cvar List
- changed readme from txt file to html file
- ammo and weapon pickup
- bothook have now 5 different hook styles
- client will see his own accuracy on the screen


- fixed mute bug when map change
- fixed plasma, bfg, vortex suck in CTF mode
- fixed spectator camera for splashdamage of weapons
- fixed accuracy stats for gauntlet and hook

30. January 2008
Added all servers to
You can get now more information of a server, when you click on the servername.
You can add a server to HLSW browser, when you click on the Status LED.
30. January 2008
Download Statistic for Final Build: Version 2.2

Total Downloads: 421

28. December 2007
Removed Wonkey´s serverlist script, because he cant update it anymore.
Anyway thanks Wonkey.
14. November 2007
Added to Download:

You have weak eyes and wanna have coloured enemymodels?

Choose one of the 16 different coloured models and see the enemy better.
26. October 2007
The serverlist will be updated now all 10 minutes. Javascript must be enabled in your browser.
Thanks to Wonkey from Nemesis Mod for this feature.
24. July 2007
You can donate now for the mod. All donations are processed in a safe, secure way by PAYPAL.
Please donate at least 1€, because of paypal fees.
Click on the PAYPAL button to donate.
23. July 2007
We had some problems with our webspace. Till next month the newsletter and the contact form will be out of order.
13. May 2007
Added to Download:

At the moment there are more than 220 names in the who.dat. Download and install the who.dat on your server.

The list will be regular updated. If you want a special Name / IP in the list, contact us HERE.
09. May 2007
Watch out the video tutorials how to install and run a server.

08. May 2007

With the installer you can install now Final Build: Version 2.2 easier for windows.
31. January 2007
Download Statistic for Beta Build: Version 2.2

Total Downloads: 372

Click HERE to see detailed download statistic.

30. January 2007

Today we published Final Build: Version 2.2.
Bugfixes & New Features:

· fixed turret "dont shoot" bug
· fixed lag on player connect bug
· fixed intermission kicks player in spec bug
· implemented ip2country file into mod
· improved flight powerup
· improved bothook
· turret destroyable by all weapons
· added bodyzones display when player kill enemy
· added spec check for bots
· removed item_quad and item_enviro from banned_items
· added item_quad and item_enviro to runeflags
· added weapon_machinegun to weapflags
· added g_start_hand_weapon & g_start_last_weapon
· added g_mapfall
· added g_mapfall_bot

05. November 2006
Download counter fixed.
There was a bug with the download counter, because the webspace provider installed a new PHP version.
16. October 2006
Added to Download:

With this you can change the botnames, botskill and botchat. Watch out the included readme file.

07. October 2006
If you want to receive information about mod updates and other mod news, please subscribe the newsletter.
You can contact the mod developer team if u experience any problems with the mod or have feature requests.
21. September 2006
Today we published Beta Build: Version 2.2.